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南豐紗廠「織刻文藝」 "字花" - 紗廠文學塗鴉
Programme Details
日期 Date: 21/12/2019
時間 Time: 下午 4:00 - 6:00
地點 Address: 南豐紗廠 / The Mills
活動查詢 Progrmme Enquiry:
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Application Note 申請需知
1. Applicants must be Hong Kong residents aged 18 or above.
2. The information provided by the applicants must be correct.
3. The personal data collected by the company is strictly confidential and will only be used for communication with you.
4. The company will retain the final decision on all details of the Program.
5. The application will be on first come first served basis, successful applicants will be received confirmation email.
1. 參加者須為年滿18歲或以上的香港居民。
2. 參加者所提供的資料須正確無訛。
3. 本公司收集所得的個人資料,絶對保密,並只會作本公司與閣下通訊之用。
4. 本公司將保留本計劃所有細節的最終決定權。
5. 由於名額有限申請將以先到先得方式處理, 成功申請者將會收到電郵確認。

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