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Paid Internship/Apprenticeship Application
Huma-Faith is dedicated to empower and enhance the lives of improvised, unemployed, under-skilled, and/or unemployable persons in need of a paid internship/apprenticeship program that will lead to gainful employment. This Internship/Apprenticeship is purposed to develop work ethics, skill, self-esteem, self-efficacy, lead to employment, and/or develop individual adeptness in social entrepreneurship. Internship/Apprenticeship shall be a minimum of three consecutive months and not exceed six consecutive months. Participants may receive a stipend of $30 for each work day up to the federal minimum wage or more. DO NOT fill-out this application unless you’re certain that you meet the following criteria:
You and family you reside with live under the federally defined poverty level, and have
Proof of receiving government subsidy benefits (e.g. SNAP, SSI, Medicaid, WIC, etc.), or
Proof of Homelessness (e.g. Homeless Certification, etc.), or
Proof of barriers to employment (e.g. criminal history, mental health disabilities, physical disabilities, etc.)

Complete the entire application.  You may attach a resume, but you must still complete all questions; or your application will be deemed incomplete and may not be considered.  Please fill out each box (don't just indicate “See Resume.”)  Applications with missing or invalid job numbers will not be considered for any position.  

Position Applying For: *
NAME: (First, Middle, Last) *
Address: (Please include: Street & Street Number, City, State, Zip Code) *
Social Security Number: *
Phone Contacts *
Are you eligible to work in the United States? *
Are you 18 years of age or older? *
If you are under age 18, what is your age?
Have you ever been convicted of a crime greater than a Class C Misdemeanor? *
Are you able to work in a faith-based environment?
We would like to know if you are tolerant of people with different religious beliefs other than your own
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Are you related or involved with any current employee or volunteer of Huma-Faith? If so, who and what's your relationship?
If required for position, do you have a valid driver's license?
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Have you ever been employed, held a job, or operated a business? *
If you answered yes to the above, tell us about your past employers, work experience, and/or business
WORK EXPERIENCE-Please detail your entire work history.  Begin with your current or most recent employer.  If you held multiple positions with the same organization, detail each position separately.  Attach additional sheets if necessary.  Omission of prior employment may be considered falsification of information. Please explain any gaps in employment.  Include full-time military or volunteer commitments.  PLEASE DO NOT complete this information with the notation “See Resume.”  
Have you achieve a High School Diploma or Certificate of High School Equivalency? *
Have you ever attended a Vocational School or Junior/Community College or College/University?
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If you answered "YES" to Vocational School or College, please tell us what you were/are studying?
Do you have any specialized skills?
Please list technical skills, clerical skills, trade skills, etc. Include any computer systems and  software packages of which you have a working knowledge, and note your level of proficiency (basic, intermediate, expert)
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