Ally Skills Workshop
We're all full for this year, but I'm leaving this up as a description, for reference.

Frustrated with sexism in our community but not sure what to do about it?

Next week in Las Vegas, I'll be running a couple of workshops aimed at helping men understand how they can be more effective at supporting their women colleagues and friends in tech. It's based on the Ada Initiative's Ally Skills workshop ( ) but I have customized several of the scenarios to be more relevant to the infosec community. I am teaching it as a member of the infosec community for over a decade, not in my role as an advisor to the Ada Initiative.

The workshop works best if it's about 50/50 men and women. It is two hours long, and is structured as follows:

* short talk on the background issues (~15 minutes)
* scenario discussions (6-7 topics, with a 10 minute break in the middle)
* small group discussion of a scenario related to sexism in tech
* sharing of the conclusions with the whole group
* next steps, resources, and general discussions (10 mins)

Some things people have said about this workshop:

"This was an amazing class. Great scenarios, great conversations. I really enjoyed not only the guided discussion, but break out conversations with co-workers were hugely enlightening. I'd love to have more honest and frank conversation along that line with [my colleagues]." – Joseph Bironas

"I liked how it focused on concrete actions and behaviors we could use immediately, not theory." – Ashley Penney

Thanks for your interest in making our community better for women,

-Leigh Honeywell

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