EGSA Reimbursement Form

Please fill out this form after the pre-approved EGSA Co-sponsored event. If your event has not been pre-approved by the EGSA Board, please do not use this form.

For each person requesting reimbursement, please add:

Name (as it would appear on a check) and Bruin ID number.
Date of Expenses.
Detail of Expenses, if not clear from receipt.
Total Amount for reimbursement.

Remember: only pre-approved expenses with the original receipts will be reimbursed. Please contact EGSA Treasurer ( if you have any questions regarding this form and or reimbursement process.

1) Please print this page for your records PRIOR to submitting the form.
2) Follow the instructions shown on the screen AFTER the form is submitted. This includes how to submit the receipts, sign-in sheet, and the event evaluation form that needs to be submitted as well.

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