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Pomme de Terre One Watershed, One Plan Participation and Public Awareness Survey
Do you live near a stream, lake, river or wetland? If so, please identify which body of water *
Your answer
What have you noticed about this body of water in the last five to ten years? Please Explain *
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How important is the quality of the water and the health of the ecosystem within the water body? *
How important are the following water resources to your quality of life? Please select the appropriate box *
Very Important
Moderately Important
Slightly Important
Not at all Important
Surface Waters
Streams or Creeks
Drainage Ditces
Flood Control (Impounds, dams, levies, etc.)
Groundwater Resources
Drinking Water
Irrigation Water
Industrial Use Waters
How important are the following functions provided by water courses that drain into the Pomme de Terre River, Pelican Creek, Muddy Creek, or Drywood Creek? Please select the appropriate box. *
Very Important
Moderatly Important
Slightly Important
Not at all Important
Not Applicable
Agricultural Drainage
Flood Water conveyance
Fishing, Hunting, and Trapping
Boating, Canoeing, and Kayaking
Fish and Wildlife Habitate
Please rate the severity of the following concerns in your community during the next 5 to 10 years. Please select the appropriate box. *
Very Severe
Moderatly Severe
Slightly Severe
Not at all Severe
Not Applicable
Algae blooms in lakes
Aquatic Invasive Species such as curly leaf pondweed, Eurasian watermilfoil, carp, etc.
Turbidity or sediment levels in streams or rivers that affect flow capacity and in-stream habitat
Failing septic systems that release pollutants to surface waters
Eroding banks on streams, rivers, or lakes
Groundwater quality and supply
Soil loss from agricultural fields
Health & sustainability of soil resources
Frequency of flooding
Econimic losses due to flooding
Impacts of land development
Other Issues, please define below:
Your answer
Please rate the following water resource management practices according to its importance to supporting healthy water resources in the Pomme de Terre Watershed. Please select the appropriate box. *
Very Important
Moderatly Important
Slightly Important
Not at all Important
Not Applicable
In-lake managment including fish stocking, carp control, weed managment, etc.
Farming practices including no till, strop till, cover crops, rotational grazing, etc.
Construction of water quality improvement practices (grassed waterways, grade stabilization structures, etc.)
Natural areas preservation and restoration including wetlands, forest, prarie, etc.
In-channel activities such as bank stabilization, twoo stage ditches, river restoration, etc.
Controlled Tile Drainage
Exsisting regulatory controls (buffer requirments on public ditches, road ROWs, shoreland setbacks, etc.)
Controls on regulated facilities discharging to water resources (waste water treatment plants and industry)
Stormwater managment requirments for new development or redevelopment in the watershed.
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