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Choice of Games Customer Survey
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How did you find Choice of Games?
Approximately when did you first hear about Choice of Games?
About how long have you been playing our games?
Approximately how many of our games do you own?
Have you ever recommended our games to someone else?
What's the primary platform where you play our games?
Approximately what proportion of Choice of Games titles vs. Hosted Games titles do you play?
What other genres of video, computer, and/or mobile games do you play, if any?
What's your favorite Choice of Games title? (For this question, we'd like you to pick just one, but feel free to share other favorites with us in the space for feedback below!)
What's your favorite Hosted Games title? (Like with the last question, go ahead and share others in the feedback option below if you have more than one!)
How did you find this survey?
What's your favorite thing about our games?
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What's your least favorite thing about our games?
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Is there any other feedback you'd like to share with Choice of Games?
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