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Semi-Final Submission Form
Each team must complete this form for their submission to be considered complete and scored by the Judges. Please follow format suggestions.
Team Name *
Enter the team name you signed up with for Team Registration. If you already changed your Team Name by contacting Go Code Colorado organizers, then please enter the updated (new) name of the team here and also the updated (new) GitHub organization url when you get to the GitHub repo link section.
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Team Name Change *
If your team name changed, please detail what it was at the time of team registration, what it is now at the time of semi-final submission -- AND whether or not you changed your GitHub repo name along with changing your Team Name.
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Team Captain *
First and Last name of the person who will serve as the point of contact for your team.
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Team Captain Email *
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Team Captain Phone Number *
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Team Members *
Enter the first and last name of each member of your team, using a comma to separate each name with their roles following each name in parentheses.
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Change in Team Members *
Please let us know if your team size changed since Challenge Day by describing who was added or removed.
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Previous Year Competitor Team Members *
Please let us know if any individuals on your team competed in a previous Go Code Colorado competition by listing all names, comma separated.
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What was your Challenge Day location? *
What is your Competition Track? *
GitHub team repository *
Paste the url for your Go Code Colorado organization GitHub repository. If you have more than one repository, use the url for your primary repo created by the bot, the one in which your README file explains which repos are yours.
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GitHub team repository count *
Provide the total number of repositories your team is using for your submission, if the number is greater than one.
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Project overview *
Provide a short description of your idea.
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Colorado Information Marketplace Data *
Paste the URL from each CIM dataset you are using, separated by commas.
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Non Colorado Information Marketplace Data *
Provide a comma separated list of all non-cim data used in your submission. Format example: "dataset1" - "", "dataset2" - ""
Loom presentation link *
URL for Loom presentation. Videos can be no longer than 5:00 minutes and must have audio.
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