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BeginIT is a social educational project from the Sinet Team, aimed at identifying and guidance of capable children from orphanages, boarding schools and rural schools in the sphere of new technologies.
The goal is to arouse children's interest in the sphere of intellectual production, to give a headstart to personal growth, to influence the choice of a future profession.
In 2020, in the project, there are 27 orphanages, shelters and remote rural schools in Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia, including Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, South Africa and Kazakhstan. Participants in the main program undergo free annual distance learning of the basic programming.
Participating schools are provided with financial assistance for technical equipment of computer classes and programming circles, and additional training.

At the end of the training course, each student will have the basic skills of a programmer, such as: analytical and engineering mindset, non-standard thinking, the ability to plan time, the ability to plan and solve large tasks (by dividing into small ones), optimization, independence.
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