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Survey for Special Topics Math Courses
Hello all! This survey's purpose is to find out what you're a) interested in mathematically and b) which topics in math you currently need help with. Your responses will be used to form special topics classes. These will be offered Friday afternoons.
What Grade are you in? *
*If filling this form out as a group, please input the grades of the people in the group.
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What areas of mathematics are you currently interested in (if any)? *
Example responses: Fractals, Algorithms, Set Theory, geometry ... or things like, "I want to know what 'binary' is" / "I want to know more about how apps work" / "What's 'Big Data' and how does it affect me?" / [anything you find interesting and want to know more about that pertains to math in some respect]
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Is there anything you find difficult and could use a bit of a refresher on? *
Example responses: Fractions, scientific notation, solving equations, factoring, ...
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Given your current knowledge of math, is there anything fundamental that you believe may be missing? *
Example responses: "I'm not sure how to go from tables to equations, to graphs." / "Hmm, what are sin(x), cos(x) and tan(x), really?" / "I'm having trouble approaching problems." / "Using decimals is a bit difficult for me."
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If you could have 1 on 1 tutoring on a specific subject in math, what would it be? *
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...Is there anything else you would like to say? :)
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