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TowerX Exchange Listing Form by Voting Process (ERC20 tokens only)
This form is for listing your token for voting.
This form should be filled by project teams. We will contact the team for adding the token for community voting.

If you want to list directly on TowerX by payment of listing fee, you need to fill this form

Rules for listing your token for voting

1. Your token should be ERC20
2. Token should have fixed supply.
3. Token contract should be verified on Etherscan.

Optional: Although it is optional, but it is recommended to commit some of your project tokens for trading competition that will take place for your token, if it is selected for listing on TowerX. These tokens will be distributed equally among top 100 traders of your token pair. The trading competition will run for 30 days from the listing date.

Is your token ERC20? *
Name of token (example: TowerBee) *
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Token Symbol (example: TBE) *
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Token Address on Etherscan website *
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Your project website address *
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Your email id where we can contact you. *
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Link to your official telegram group. *
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OPTIONAL: In case your coin (token) is selected for listing, how many tokens will you give for trading competition. You need to give your project tokens only. The trading competition will run for 30 days from the listing date. The top 100 traders will be rewarded with your tokens. (Note: The projects which give their tokens for trading competition will be given preference in listing on TowerX)
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