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SONC Committee Interest - Stakeholder
The Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC) encourages public participation and stakeholder involvement in committees. If you are a Sherman Oaks stakeholder—defined as a resident, business/property owner [or worker who conducts business in Sherman Oaks], or someone who has a community interest in a Sherman Oaks organization such as a religious center, school, park, or nonprofit—you are eligible to join a committee.

If you are interested in participating in a SONC committee or running for an elected Board Member position, please complete this form. We encourage you to attend meetings for the committee(s) in which you are interested in, as well as the monthly Board meeting (generally the second Monday of the month) for an idea of what we do; you may introduce yourself and make yourself known to these committees or the SONC Board at its monthly board meeting if you wish to do so during public comment during those meetings.

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How are you a stakeholder of Sherman Oaks?
This stakeholder attestation seeks to discover your connection to or affiliation with the Sherman Oaks community.
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In what area of Sherman Oaks is your primary stakeholder interest?
If you are a resident, in which area do you reside? If you are a business stakeholder, in which area is your business/employer? If you are a community interest stakeholder, in what area is your community interest located?
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Are you currently a member of a SONC Committee? *
If you are currently on a Committee, what Committee(s) are you a member of?
If you are presently listed on the roster of one or more committees, indicate which committees you are on. If you are not on any committees, skip this and the next question.
Regardless of whether you presently serve on a SONC Committee, what Committee(s), going forward, would you be interested/would like to sit on? If you are currently on a committee(s) and wish to continue on this committee, please select that committee(s) as well. *
For example, if you currently serve on Outreach Committee and have interest on joining Public Safety AND continuing to serve on Outreach, you would select both the Public Safety and Outreach boxes. You may write in a committee name under the "Other" option.
Are you interested in running in the next election for a Board Member position?
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Stakeholder Statement
Use this section to describe yourself, your Sherman Oaks interests, why you would like to participate with SONC and on the particular committees you identified above, and if you have expertise or interests that would prove relevant for your service on a committee. Have you attended our meetings before?
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