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Montague FREE FULL DAY Preschool Survey
Your responses are greatly appreciated and will assist the MTSD in preparing for incoming students.
For all answers that require a "no", please type "no" in the response line
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Do you have a child that is preschool aged (3-4 years old)? If so, what is your child's age and birthday? *
Do you have other children at home not of preschool age? If so, what are their ages? *
What languages are spoken at home? *
Is your child currently registered for preschool? If yes, where? *
Does your child currently attend a daycare program? If yes, where? *
Are there any reasons you feel your child could not or will not attend preschool? If yes, please explain *
Are you aware that Montague Twp. School offers free full day preschool to all 3 and 4 year olds? *
Will you use the bus option for preschool transportation?
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