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Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb's 2019 Legislative Survey
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Recreational Marijuana is legal in 10 states and is being considered in New York. Some law-enforcement agencies and public health organizations have raised concerns about potential negative impacts to New Yorkers' safety and well-being. Do you support legalizing recreational marijuana in New York?
Do you support a move to "single-payer health care" in New York, a system by which the state would take over all health coverage and provide insurance to all New Yorkers?
If it meant your taxes would increase, would you support a move to "single-payer health care" in New York?
Do you believe the state should ban the use of plastic bags in supermarkets and grocery stores?
Should immigrants who have not become U.S. citizens be allowed to obtain a drivers' license in New York State?
The recently-passed Reproductive Health Act prevents NY's abortion laws from being overturned by federal judicial action. The new law also allows abortions to be performed by non-doctors, and expands abortion into the thrid trimester of a pregnancy. Do you support the Reproductive Health Act?
The "Red Flag Bill is a measure that would allow individuals (teachers, family members, law-enforcement) to seek a court order confiscating a person's firearms without due process, based on a suspicion that the gun owner might be a risk or danger. How do you fee about this bill?
Do you believe New York should eliminate cash bail for people who commit misdemeanors or non-violent felonies?
What is your opinion on sports gambling in New York State?
Should Election Day be declared a state holiday in New York?
Do you feel the state should provide funding to allow for a police officer ("School Resource Officers") in every school in New York State?
The state's "Two Percent Property Tax Cap" requires localities to keep any property tax increases under two percent from year to year. The law is set to expire in 2020. What should NY do next?
How do you feel about Amazon’s recent decision to cancel plans to build its new headquarters in New York City? The company was expected to create 25,000 jobs, but was set to receive $3 billion in government tax incentives.
How many times have you visited a casino located in New York State during the past year?
Should taxpayers fund an increase to the minimum wage for inmates in state prisons?
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