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Solari Squadra 2016 Tour Trucker Hats
We are doing a small run for the year, vote for your favorite Solari Swag! Each trucker style hat is in brand pantone yellow with classic net meshing to keep your head cool. Adjustable band for all sizes. Pricing will be around $20, with a discount for our Solari Squad supporters (we love you guys). Take a look, enter the number of any style hat you would like, and leave us feedback below. Grazie Mille!

Kevin and Bodin

Style A - $20.00 ($15.00 Squadra Price)
The screen printed or embroidered logo says it all -  keep the sun at bay while cooking outside and represent the Solari Squad.
Style A would look good on me.
Enter the number of Style A you would order:
Style B - $20.00 ($15.00 Squadra Price)
The screen printed or embroidered logo with company name, just add the dot com.
Style B, please.
Enter the number of Style B you would order:
Style C - $20.00 ($15.00 Squadra Price)
Gotta have Style C!
Enter the number of Style C you would order:
Give us Feedback!
Didn't vote for any of the hats? Ordered hats but have a suggestion? Let us know how to make it better - Style? Price? Don't like hats? Would prefer something different? Not interested? Please share any ideas or feedback for more Solari Swag.
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