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MFML 2017 Internship Application
Session 1 | June 12th – 17th
Session 2 | June 19th – 24th

Thank you for your interest in the Mother Falcon Music Laboratory internship program!

Intended for our most enthusiastic alumni, the internship offers an opportunity to get involved and experience camp from a new perspective! Interns maintain a rigorous schedule, full of new challenges and responsibilities, which must be faced with maturity and a positive attitude.

Just as it is important to learn how to work within the music industry as a musician, it is equally important to be able to navigate it as a leader. Interns at MFML are viewed as peer leaders, and that role should not be taken lightly. You will be asked to help run the bands created during camp, practicing skills of conflict resolution, communication, team building, and peer accountability. On top of leadership responsibilities, you will also be expected to help the camp run from a logistics standpoint; knowing the set up of each practice space, learning how to move equipment safely and efficiently, and always being helpful when the opportunity presents itself. Interns will also have band practice together to create their own original music.

- At least 15 years of age
- At least 2 years experience as an MFML camper
- Above-average knowledge of your instrument
- No previous discipline problems at MFML (With staff or fellow campers)

You will be working with the Internship Team, which includes the Camp Director, Intern Director, and the Lead Intern. You will be expected to attend meetings with this team before and after each day of camp.

After we receive this application, we will contact you to schedule a phone interview.

Volunteer hours, recommendation letters and proof of internship are happily granted upon completion of your internship.

Please direct questions to

It is mandatory for interns to attend orientation on the Sunday before each session you intern (Sunday, June 11th or Sunday, June 18th). Please consider the Sunday before each of your camp sessions the first day of your intern shift. Lunch will be provided on this day only.
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