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Pushground - Suppliers
Feel free to fill the following form up if you are interested in providing traffic. When finished, we will contact you so we can start working together.


1- Once we integrate a new feed, we will test your traffic. This test will be paid as long as quality is acceptable (more details about what we measure below).

2- Please be aware that, sometimes, we might receive complains from our advertisers about the quality traffic of new suppliers. If it happens, we analice it and if our security system detects fraudulent sources or high 'CTR' (click through ratio), we will have to deduct the cost of that traffic from the next invoice you send us.


-By wire, net30, but if it's more than 50k a month, we can do it faster.

-There's stat on the dashboard real time and via API.

-There is usually no problem with the discrepancy, we only filter by frequency, with one ip and a user agent not more than 1 click per minute.

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We appreciate your time spend filling up the form.  We will contact you as soon as possible... Thank you :) !
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