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COVID-19 DOE Community Survey
Who Should Take This Survey: Current school-based staff working in the NYC DoE school system.

This survey collects your non DOE email address for validation-purposes only. Your identity will not be shared or posted without written approval. All questions are optional.

Please only share this survey on personal accounts or non-DoE accounts.

Purpose: gather anecdotal data on DoE and DoH response to COVID19 on school campuses.

Use of Data: The data will be used to present anecdotal data on the range of school campuses that came into contact with COVID19 prior to schools closing for students, then staff, while remaining open for essential staff such as custodial, cafeteria, SSAs, and now educational staff and youths in Enrichment Centers.

Article suggested many schools may have been exposed to COVID19 without getting appropriate notification and access to proper health responses: It is unclear how different campuses have experienced the health crisis responses from DoE and DoH.

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How are you feeling? physically, mentally, emotionally.
In which Borough is your school?
On which campus is your school?
What is the name or number of your school?
Roughly how many students are in your entire school building/campus? This can be an estimate.
Has someone in your SCHOOL tested positive for COVID19?
Has someone in your CAMPUS tested positive for COVID19?
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