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Have you worked with African companies before? *
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What does economic development mean to you?
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Have you ever purchased a "Made in Africa" product? *
How would you rate your familiarity with the Business landscape in Africa?
Very little
Very familiar
The continent of Africa has been discussed in my other business courses
eCommerce Definition:
Commercial Transaction conducted electronically on the internent. Refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internent.
What is your experience working on an eCommerce platform? (Etsy, Poshmark, Wordpress, Square, Shopify, etc..)
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How familiar are you with Skype?
Little familiarity
High familiarity
How often do you use Skype?
Why did you choose this course?
What would you like to accomplish from this experience?
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How would you measure this accomplishment?
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After graduation, I have an interest in pursuing international business in countries
I have an interest in pursuing national business in countries in Africa
I have an interest in pursuing national business in countries other than Africa
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