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BMT Therapist Team Application
Thanks for taking the time to fill out an application to work with our Therapist Team! We look forward to learning more about your story.
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What was your draw to applying to work with us on our Therapist Team? *
Who is your current/most recent employer? *
Why did you leave/looking to leave? *
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Is there anything about your ideal schedule you'd like us to know?
Do you currently have your MI License? *
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What is your favorite thing about being a massage therapist? *
How do you work to both set and meet client expectations? *
What are your salary requirements? *
What's the best service experience you've had? Why was it so great? *
Balance is a very service-oriented business. What role do you think service plays in massage therapy? *
Our goal is to work with our teammates to help them create the future they want. We love learning about what makes you happy.
What inspires you? *
What are your massage goals for the next 12 months? *
What are you looking forward to learning the most and how can we help you grow your career? *
Condition-Specific Massage, Client Service, Effective Communication, Small Business Systems, Goal Setting, and Team Dynamics are just a few of the many skills you'll be growing daily.
What can we do for you on Day 1 to help you be successful and happy? *
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