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NCIFT 2019 Cruess Scholarship
DEADLINE TO APPLY: 1st week of December, 2018
Cruess Scholarships will be offered by the NORTHERN CALIFORNIA REGIONAL SECTION OF THE INSTITUTE OF FOOD TECHNOLOGISTS (NCIFT) for the 2018-2019 academic year. The awards will provide financial assistance to students who will be in their SOPHOMORE/JUNIOR/SENIOR year in Food Science, Food Technology, Nutrition, or a related field and who are academically involved with the food industry. Funding for these scholarships is from a trust fund established by Marie Cruess for the Northern California Section of IFT.

$1500 scholarships will be awarded to qualified upper-division students working toward an undergraduate degree and attending any college or university providing a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science/Technology/Nutrition or related field which is located within the boundaries of NCIFT.

The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage deserving junior and senior students to continue pursuing a curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science, Food Technology, Nutrition, or related field.

The general eligibility requirements for applicants for this scholarship are that you must be in good academic standing and have a well-rounded personality. Age, sex, and religion are not conditions of eligibility for an award. The college or university that you are attending must be in the Northern California IFT geographic area.

First-time scholarship recipients are not required to be a member of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) nor NCIFT. However, applicants who have previously received the Cruess Scholarship must be student members of both IFT and NCIFT.

Grants will be paid in January 2019, through department advisors. Upon receiving each payment, we ask the department advisors to verify registration of the scholarship awardees.

Additional REQUIRED Materials
The applicant must also submit the following to the scholarship committee for consideration:

-- Current resume

-- Copy of transcripts of academic records

-- Letter of recommendation signed by a industry, faculty member, or TA familiar with the applicant’s work. This letter should include a general appraisal of the applicant’s scholarship, extracurricular activities, and character. A letter of recommendation from a member of a food industry company who has supervised or is supervising the student during an internship can serve as an alternative to a faculty member’s letter.

- Applicants need to show a genuine interest in pursuing a food science major which can include activities such as being part of the Food Tech Club or similar organizations, attending NCIFT meetings, assisting faculty or industry on food related projects, coursework, and others besides industry experience (work or food experience is not a requirement).

- Section in application has been added to comment on any missing documents that will be sent in later

Email these materials to Dale Olds at with the subject line: "(last name), (first name) Cruess Scholarship App Materials" by application deadline.

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