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Watercolor Workshops
With Ayeza Mallari

**READ: Before filling up the form, please make sure that you are available on the date of the class and you are 100% sure that you are joining :)

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Available Classes:

--- A Shade of Grey: A Watercolor Portrait Painting Class
*Painting with grey as the only color is a great way to direct a student’s focus in learning how to paint with value in mind, the most important aspect in making a successful painting.
This class is open for passionate watercolor enthusiasts who would like to learn how to put depth in portraits and incorporate imaginative techniques that make watercolor portraits so distinctive and alluring. No drawing skills required. Beginner to intermediate students are welcome!

---Galaxies and Letters: A Watercolor Painting and Lettering Class with Jomil and Ayeza
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*Learn basic watercolor painting and lettering tips and tricks to help you start a new hobby! This class is open to everyone!

---Whimsical Portrait Painting
*A class that will guide you in making a portrait using imaginative color combinations. Learn different watercolor techniques that you can use to create colorful portraits. This class is beginner-friendly and does not require drawing skills!

---Portrait and Galaxy Painting
*A portrait- painting class that will focus on making the most out of a 6-color palette. You will also learn how to paint galaxy textures and create skin tone colors and grey. Great for minimalists who would like to try using watercolors.
Beginner to intermediate students are welcome!

---The Beginner's Guide to Watercolor
*A fun yet intensive introductory class for watercolor painting where you will learn about the materials, what to expect when painting, beginner's mistakes to avoid, value and so much more. You will also learn really fun techniques that you can use when you are painting on your own.

----Private Classes
*Can be arranged as one-on-one or group class. An arrangement with a group of 3 people and more will receive a special discount :)

Please expect an email/ text message from me within 24 hours after submitting this form :)

Questions? Email me at or send me a message via and

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