The Accepted Life
This is an opportunity for us to learn more about you; your academic history, testing information, activities etc.; what you consider your ideal college match and career aspirations are important parts of finding the right fit school. The information you share is confidential and will only be used by The Accepted Life during our work together.
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Academic Information
School, Classes, Tests, Clubs and other fun stuff!
High School Name-
What is your current GPA? If your school uses class rank, what is it?
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Current courses and grades. You can list your current courses here or upload your transcript in the next question.
School Transcript(s)
Standardized Tests. Please list tests taken and your scores (SAT, ACT, & SAT Subject Tests). If listing ACT scores please list individual section scores and composite.
Some students have IEPs, 504 Plans or other accommodations which are important to highlight on an application. If this is you, please detail them below.
Description of accommodation, reports etc
When reflecting on your high school experience, which classes do you like/have you liked best?
Please list your activities. You may also upload or email your resume (alternatively you can bring to our first meeting)
What recognition, honors or awards, if any, have you received? (see above, if you have uploaded your resume, please skip this question)
Have you or do you currently have a job? Briefly describe (if you have uploaded your resume, please skip this question)
Community service, religious organizations or other volunteer groups and the dates (if you have uploaded your resume, please skip this question)
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College Plans
This section is to help us begin to develop a plan for the college search and application process. If you haven't started to think about college yet, no worries you're not alone. Just complete as much as you can.
Have you thought about what kind of school you'd like to attend (large, small, location etc)? If so, please share some of your thoughts below.
Are you a legacy at any college where you might apply (parent, sibling or other relative who has attended)?
Are there special talents or interests you'd like to highlight in your application?
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Tell me about yourself!
Applying to college is more than just checking boxes on the Common App, creating a resume and attaching a transcript. At some point, you'll probably have to write an essay to give your dream school an insight into your world...I've chosen some of my favorite "conversation starters" for you to answer. Feel free to answer all or none, but either way, it's important to start to think about what makes you, you and how you might want to share that with your dream school.
Who or what are your three favorite on Instagram and SnapChat Accounts?
What kinds of things do you read? What do you enjoy the most?
What is a favorite book and why?
When you are not in school, what activities do you enjoy the most?
Have you thought about a career? What would you like to do following college?
In a perfect world what would you like to be doing in 5 years? 10 years?
If I could go to any college, I'd want to be a student at college "X" because....
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