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To request a schedule change for the 2019-2020 school year, students must complete all of the fields in the form below. All schedule change requests for S1 and year-long courses must be submitted by the end of the add/drop period, which is AUGUST 28th. Any requests for schedule changes submitted after this date will not be reviewed.

Given that the master schedule is built upon course requests, schedule change requests will only be considered if the master schedule can accommodate them. Schedule change requests will only be reviewed if a student has been assigned to the wrong level, a required course is needed this year, a prerequisite has not been met, the same course was previously passed, or a scheduling error has been made (missing periods, double scheduled periods, canceled or newly formed classes). Please consult the master schedule to view which courses are full. All classes that are FULL are in bold type. The master schedule is available on our school website under “Parents and Students” (

No teacher or period requests will be granted. Most courses are year-long and students must select all of their courses prior to the start of the school year. Students may not change courses mid-year. Students are not allowed to have “gaps” in their schedules. They must be enrolled in seven periods. Students must continue to attend the courses on their schedule until an official program change has been made and the counselor or APA gives them a new schedule. Students who do not receive an official schedule change before changing classes risk invalidation of an approved change and a failing grade on their transcript.

Schedule change requests will be processed in the order in which they are received. Once your schedule change request has been received and reviewed by the counseling department and APA, you will receive notification of the decision by e-mail. Schedule changes will only be made if it is possible within the master schedule, keeping class size, availability, and grade level priority in mind. All decisions are final.

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You may only request to add courses that you qualify for. Please check the course catalog available on LaunchPad or on our school website for all course prerequisite information, along with your PowerSchool account for grades received in prior classes. Please note that many classes are at capacity and may not be available for you to enroll in.
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