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ETHEREA Ban/Mute Appeal
If you are submitting an appeal, it means you have been banned or muted from one of the ETHEREA Network servers, and you believe this punishment was unwarranted and/or you deserve a pardon or shortening of punishment length.

Please do not submit an appeal if you have been banned or muted three times, for two is the maximum amount of pardons we will award.


Please be patient with your appeal. We take the time to look over it, possibly with multiple staff to evaluate the situation so we can reach the best comment or conclusion. Do not try to bump it often. We will get to you as soon as we can.

Do not make multiple appeals. This includes if you feel your post has been ignored (please see the paragraph above)

Be polite and respectful in your appeal. If you are disrespectful and/or rude, your appeal will be immediately denied, and your ban, if it is temporary, can be lengthened or made permanent.

Some advice:

Be honest in your appeal. While we are aware of why you are banned, we want to see that you're aware of the rules, tell the truth and show some bit of remorse. Saying "I don't know what I did" is not a valid appeal, otherwise you would not be banned.

Remember to make your appeal carefully. Go through it with a fine comb, making sure your use of spelling and grammar are correct. These will reflect well on you.
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