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Dear students, please take some time to complete this form and submit it. Thank you! Iunie 2016
Are you satisfied with the chosen themes and the quality of activities you have fulfilled during the first year of the project? *
Mention the name and the type of activity/- ies you took part within the Project P.L.A.C.E.S. *
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What motivated you in taking part in this activity /-ies?
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Do you think that your involvement in these activities was beneficial? *
If the answer to the previous question was "Yes", tell us what benefits you had as a result of your participation in these activities? *
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If the answer to question 4 was "No", tell us what you think should be improved, so that students can be motivated to engage themselves in such activities. *
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Is there anything different in your attitude / in your behaviour, that has changed after participating in such activities? If yes, say what it is.
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Have you improved your English speaking competences with your involvement in this project? *
By working on this project, have you acquired some new ICT skills or improved the existing ones? *
Please indicate the ICT skills that you have acquired or improved during the first year of the project? (more than one answer is possible). *
Have you improved your knowledge about the culture of the countries involved in the project? *
Are you familiar with some legends of the countries involved in the project? Mention at least three legends and the country/-ies they come from. *
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Are you still interested in taking part in the project? *
What kind of outputs have you created? More than one answer is possible. *
Have you got any suggestions how to improve our project?
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