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Visma Ski Classics feedback 2017
Thank you for participating in the evaluation for Visma Ski Classics season VII. We really appreciate your time to help us make Visma Ski Classics even better! It only takes 5 minutes to complete this form.

Thank you!Visma Ski Classics Crew

Your Age
Country of residence
Do you have a decision making role at your work?
Do you work out regularly?
Approximately how many times a week do you work out?
What type of training do you do? (you can do multiple choices)
Are you a cross country skier?
In which skier category would you place yourself?
In winter season, approximately how many km of cross country skiing do you complete?
Approximately how many cross country skiing events do you participate in per year?
Which of below cross country skiing events did you participate in this season? (You can do multiple choices)
Do you travel to other countries to participate in skiing events?
Approximately how many times per year do you use rental cars? (Work and private)
When using rental cars, which company do you prefer?
Do you use a heart rate monitor/ watch?
If yes, which brand do you have? (You can do multiple choices)
If you don´t have a heart rate monitor/ watch, are you interested to get one?
If yes, which brands do you prefer? (You can do multiple choices)
Approximately how much money do you spend on new training clothes per year?
Which of the following sports brands do you prefer when buying outdoor training clothes? (You can do multiple choices)
Approximately how much money do you spend on cross country skiing equipment each year? (Involves skis, poles, boots, ski wax, drinking belt etc..)
Are you familiar with the company Visma? (would you recognise their logotype)
Do you know what services Visma offers?
How much do you associate the company Visma with cross country skiing?
Not at all
Very much
How familiar are you with Visma Ski Classics?
Not at all
I am a hardcore fan
Do you watch Visma Ski Classics on TV?
Do you participate in the skiing events of the tour?
Do you have a Ski Classics PLAY account? (the live streaming service)
Which of this seasons events did you watch on TV or Ski Classics PLAY? (you can do multiple choices)
Which of Visma Ski Classics digital plattforms do you mostly visit? (you can do multiple choices)
In which social media channels do you follow Visma Ski Classics? (you can do multiple choices)
How do you find the quality of content on Visma Ski Classics Facebook page?
Not Good
Very Good
How do you find the quality of content on Visma Ski Classics Instagram account?
Not Good
Very Good
How do you find the quality of content on Visma Ski Classics Twitter account?
Not good
Very good
How do you find the quality of content on the webpage ?
Not Good
Very Good
Which content in Visma Ski Classics social media channels do you enjoy the most? (you can do multiple choices)
Is there any content/ information you are missing on our digital platforms, in that case what? (please comment in english)
Your answer
Would you be interested in buying Visma Ski Classics official merchandise and training clothes?
Would you be interested in buying official merchandise and training clothes from the Pro Teams?
Have you subscribed to Visma Ski Classics Newsletter?
Write your mailadress below if you want to subscribe to the newsletter. All new subscriptions through this evaluation form get the chance to win 1 start place in Marcialonga 2018!
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If you have any further feedback, please let us know!
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