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Fall 2017 Executive Team Application
Welcome to the Fall 2017 Georgetown Caravel Executive Team Application! Please take a moment to read over the following before filling out the application.

Marketing: The Marketing team is responsible all marketing strategy, including advertising and social media content for The Caravel. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: utilizing HootSuite, MailChimp, and other social media enterprise software to promote content and creating new social media strategies for long-term growth.

Research & Analytics: The Research & Analytics team is responsible for keeping The Caravel current with tech tools useful for publications and leveraging data analysis tools to improve readership and engagement. The R&A team will work closely with IT & Design to improve website functionality and work with Marketing to more accurately target potential readers.

Finance: The Finance team is responsible for making sure The Caravel is compliant with all Center for Student Engagement financial regulations and for maintaining the club budget. Other responsibilities include fundraising and working with Business Development to develop advertising.

Business Development: The Business Development team is responsible for helping grow The Caravel's business. This includes, but is not limited to outreach to other clubs on campus, working with the Initiative for Diplomatic Engagement on event co-sponsorship, and working with local organizations and businesses for advertisements in print publications.

Events: The Events team is responsible for coordinating putting on this semester's Caravel event, "The Role of Media Organizations on College Campuses." Duties will include working with other student organizations to find speakers, finance, and sponsor the event, as well as handling day-of operations.

***Please submit your resume to Robert Danco at to complete your application and be considered for a position.***

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