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(Funny Farm Makers ) Costume/Mascot/Fursuit Inquiry form
This is the form to fill if you want a quote or inquire about a Costume/Mascot/Fursuit's from the Arty Mad Cow/ Funny Farm Makers... Aka Katrina Coomer.
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Over 18 ? will be ask for a form of ID if you click yes also! *
Type of costume?
If other explain your answer?
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Head only, Half costume and Full costume?
The cost of your commission
The costs here are basic rate and may go up with complex markings, features, or anything exta added to your commission you may want.
Its also covers up to two colours/types of fur and it may go up if you need more types of fur colours/ types on your costume.
Realistic suits only the Head Base to be made out of?
Parts or Extras?
If other explain your answer?
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Character infomation/Picture references below? (links to references can also be posted) *
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What sending a Inquiry means. (please read!)
It will be for a possible client/commissioner to get a idea of now much a costume will cost may be and what the business will agree to do, It does not mean your commission(s) will be taken on and the business has a right to refuse commission(s) they belive they can't do or might not have time for.

Though this may be the case for your commission if you send in a inquiry do try again if your not choosen at the time and your commission(s) may be taken on next time.
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