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Vlogger Information Form
Hi, friend, welcome to be here. This form is helpful for both of us to know more about each other's basic information and to promote smoother cooperation. Your basic channel information are valuable for us to learn more about you.
Part 1----Basic information about Vlogger
1. Which country are you living now? Our shipment currently is only available to US, UK, DE, ES and IT. *
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2. What is your YouTube or TikTok channel name?
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3. Please attach your YouTube or TikTok link. *
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4. What is the level of you YouTube account?
5. Where are your main target audiences from?(US, UK, DE or others) *
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5. Please describe your video style with 1-2 words, like creative, authentic or anything else. *
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6.Please leave e-mail so that we could contact you then? *
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Part 2------ Brief Introduction about Novostella
Novostella is dedicated to providing innovative, smart home solutions with affordable quality to global markets, enabling every family to enjoy their personalized, optimized, high-tech moments at home.

Our main marketplace:

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Amazon DE:

Amazon FR:

Amazon ES:

Amazon IT:

1.Please list 3 products in our Amazon store that you'd like to test? *
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2.How will you film the video if we could offer you the expected products?
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Part 3
1. Are you willing to add our product links and promotion information to your video description? We can offer special discount to your fans. *
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2. Would you mind us editing your video and share it to our website and Facebook page (Credit will be indicated ) ? *
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3. Are you also active in social media like Facebook, Instagram,Twitter etc and willing to share the video on your account(s)? If yes, please leave us your social media account link for reference. *
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Thank you for your interest and precious time input. Please submit the form if all is done. Thank you again.
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