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Thank you for your interest in joining the whitelist for the upcoming seed token sale of EMCODEX.

The tokens are sold on an FCFS basis ((First Come First Serve) which means that there is no limit to the number of tokens that can be purchased and there is no reduction in subscriptions. Everyone who pays first for the tokens (until the pool is exhausted) will receive them. At the Seed Sale stage, there are 5 million tokens in the pool at a price of 0.16 USDT/token, which means over 60% discount compared to the target price in the Public Sale (0.42 USDT/token). Subsequent stages of the sale (Private Sale A, Private Sale B and Public Sale) will start once the pool from the previous stage has been used up. The terms of the issue do not provide for an investment of less than $1,000 USDT so this is the minimum amount.
Full procedure for acquiring tokens at the Seed Sale stage:
1. Completing and submitting this form (Seed Sale Form).
2. Completing the KYC procedure (link at the end of this form).
3. Signing the SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) within 2 business days of receiving it. You will receive the agreement for signature via email from DocuSign after completing the first two steps. After signing by you the agreement will be signed by us and sent back to you.
4. Payment of the declared amount of investment in accordance with the provisions of the agreement within 1 day from its signing.
5. Allocation of tokens to the buyers and their sending to the addresses indicated in SAFTs according to the roadmap included in the whitepaper (3Q2021).
If you accept the above rules you may proceed to fill out the form.
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Are you a citizen of one of the US or an UN sanctioned country? If so, EMCODEX is not available for sale in your territory. Please tick accordingly.
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Are you a resident of US or an UN sanctioned country? If so, EMCODEX is not available for sale in your territory. Please tick accordingly.
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Please provide your public ERC-20 wallet address, which will be whitelisted for the EMCODEX private sale. NO exchange wallets. Web3 / Metamask is preferred. The wallet address must match the one provided in the KYC procedure.
Where did you hear about EMCODEX? *
How would you like to get involved in the EMCODEX project? *
Now you must go through the mandatory KYC/AML procedure at this link: . Please remember to use in the KYC procedure the same e-mail address as you provided in this form above. Please DO NOT WAIT TO GET THE KYC APPROVED. YOU ONLY NEED TO SUBMIT IT. APPROVAL TAKES TIME. PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO SUBMIT THIS FORM AS WELL ("SUBMIT" BUTTON BELOW). *
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