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Airdrop of GOX(mining game)
GOX Airdrop Event(22th May ~ 31th May)
Mining game event
The mobile Blockchain is being promoted globally with more than 500 news in 7 languages worldwide.

GOX coin is for experience of mining game. If you subscribe “GOX wallet”, You will get $2 GOX(0.2 GOX). You can play game by investing GOX coin from June. Game is Mining. Game is 45 seconds playing game. You can mine GOX as much as you invest in GOX. Anyone can play anywhere. You can swap GOX coin(Blockchain) with GOXT token(ERC20). You can swap 0.2 GOX with 20 GOXT. GOXT token will be traded on soon. GOX coin will be used on mobile contents this year.

GOX Airdrop for mining game
Reward: $2 GOX
Referral: $0.1, Say to @kris3119 your friend's user name of GOX Wallet. (My user name/ 1. tor 2. tomas 3. Jane...)
If you want to get Airdrop, please follow below two action.

Airdrop Rules of GOX
1. Join telegram group "", And write "join by airdrop promotion".

2. Download “GOX wallet” on Google Play, App Store, for IOS & android. If you join in GOX wallet, you can get address of GOX coin automatically. And you can get GOX coin.
- Download android version of "GOX WALLET":
- IOS version will be registered soon.

GOX mining game
If you invest GOX coin, you can get it as much as you invest.
Promo of GOX Mining Game
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