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Call for Proposals: Media and Society Seminar 2018
The Media and Society Seminar will take place at Green Acre Bahá'í
School from February 16-19, 2018.

We are seeking proposals for presentations of 60 minutes (20-30 minutes of presentation followed by 30 minutes of discussion) that engages contemporary perspectives on journalism, film/video, or writing/narrative, and their role in the advancement of civilization, as informed by study of the Revelation and familiarity with the conceptual framework guiding the work of the Bahá’í community.

These proposals can take a variety of forms: they might represent the efforts of a group to analyze an aspect of a prevailing professional or academic discourse on journalism, film/video, or writing/narrative; they might take the form of original scholarship prepared by an individual or group related to an area of special interest within the field; they might summarize work undertaken by an individual in their profession or studies and describe how elements of our conceptual framework have influenced its shape and direction. The format of the presentation is up to the discretion of the individual or teams preparing the session.

Questions that might guide a presentation might include:
- What are the questions and concerns that drive conversations about the field among your colleagues? How have
insights from the Revelation of Baha’u’llah helped you understand, navigate and contribute constructively to these
- Are there projects that you have been working on that can help us explore the dynamics of contributing to a discourse
about media? Are there projects that you have been working on that can help us explore a pressing question or concern
in the field (e.g., the problem of commercialization in media, identity and representation in media, etc.)
- What issues in the field of media intrigue you as calling out for a Bahá’í perspective? How would such a perspective
contribute to the conversation about that issue?
- What professional or academic spaces, formal or informal, do you participate in where such thinking and conversations
could take place and evolve over time?

Proposals should be in the form of an abstract comprising no more than 250 words. Proposals should outline the presentation’s central questions or areas of inquiry and how it can contribute to our group’s understanding of contemporary perspectives on media. Please submit proposals by January 20th.

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