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Enroll for the Teen Piano Masterclass Today!
Mindfulness, Mindset, & Imagination

Cost: $25 - billed through PayPal to your email address after enrolling.

We're so excited that you are joining us for our special summer event! This class is designed to give your student a helpful and fun boost to their piano learning and we hope you will see exciting results at home afterward. This event will be interactive for all students (not solely focused on the performers receiving feedback), with opportunities for creating original compositions, discussing musical ideas, and self-reflection on how music study impacts their lives and future goals. Joining other musicians in a group like this is inspirational and encouraging. We can't wait to see you!

Registration deadline extended to June 9! Don't miss out!

-Lisa Barwell (owner, host/Lily Music Studio) & JohnWillard Utuk (presenter)
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By checking the box, you are committing your student to attend and committing to pay for the class promptly (within one week of receiving an invoice). In case of sudden illness/injury, you will notify Lily Music Studio by June 9 with the understanding that the class is non-refundable (however, another student may attend in your place). You also are agreeing to indemnify and hold harmless Lily Music Studio, the Barwell family, and JohnWillard Utuk from any and all liabilities, accidents or injuries that may occur as a result of participation in this High School Masterclass. *
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