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Bring IT-BYOD Liability Release Form
NCA has a Bring Your Own Device program enabling students in grades 5-12 to bring wireless devices to school to supplement school owned technology. This program is entirely voluntary and designed to provide more accessibility to online educational resources. Students who choose to bring their own devices will be subject to the same digital guidelines as students who use school owned technology. Parents signed a technology agreement at the time of school enrollment. In order to use technology resources, all students must sign the age appropriate Acceptable Use Policy agreement. Additionally, participants in the BYOD program must agree to and complete the BYOD Liability Release form. Technology use is a privilege. Violations will result in loss of privilege.

Students bringing their own device to connect to the filtered NCA school wireless must sign this agreement along with a parent or guardian.
The student takes full responsibility for the device. The school is not responsible for theft, damage or loss of the device.
Beyond connecting to the wireless network, NCA will not provide technical support for devices.
Administration reserves the right to inspect a student’s personal device if there is reason to believe policies have been violated.
Violations may result in loss of use of device and/or disciplinary action.
Students may not use the device to photograph or record any person on campus without permission.
Students bringing their own device will use the NCA wireless network. Use of personal wireless connection is not permitted without express teacher permission.
Personal devices must be brought to school fully charged and ready for academic use every day.

NCA uses Watchguard content filtering to block access to information and images that are deemed to be harmful to minors, however no filter is completely effective. Students who accidentally access inappropriate material must immediately notify the teacher.

The owner of the device is responsible for ensuring that the device is safe and secure. NCA is not responsible or liable for any theft, damage or loss of non-district devices or information on any such device.

Before a student can connect to the wireless network, this BYOD Release form must be completed. If a student does not complete the form, they will not be allowed to connect personal devices to the NCA network. Log on information will be supplied when the form is Submitted.

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