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Building your Style File
Working with La Belle Salon Bridal is personalized and one-on-one experience. To help understand each bride and make each La Belle Salon Bridal Dress Story a success, please fill out the following information.
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We promise this is not to bombard you with tons of junk mail! This is so you are invited to our private bridal events:-)
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After many requests to take photos ;-), we are super excited to now announce that we have gotten permission from our exclusive designers to take pictures of you in in your favorites dresses! Your stylist takes the images of you in the last 15 min. of your appointment and will text you by the end of the day.
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We LOVE knowing who's been chatting around town about us;-) So gossip away and tell us how our paths crossed... don't be shy and if you heard some other way please tell us in the "other box". CLICK ALL THAT APPLY - Merci!
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