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FDPA-SW Partnerships Questionnaire
One of the objectives for 2019 is to try to develop successful partnerships with local organizations and associations on behalf of FDPA. Our aim is to create opportunities for FDPA speakers to explain the organization's history and goals, as well as finding opportunities to distribute FDPA literature and information.

One of the best methods for achieving that goal is to have people who already have an affiliation with those local organizations do the initial outreach. With that in mind, we're asking you to complete the following survey to help us.

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Municipality/Township of residence:
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Do you belong to/know someone in any of the following types of organizations?
If you are a member/know someone in any of the listed organizations, would you be willing to contact them on behalf of FDPA?
If you answered YES, please indicate which organization(s) you would be willing to contact.
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