Request edit access April 1st Community Night
This weeks community night will be taking advantage of the new map "The lost Caverns" and introducing everyone to the All Random, All middle (ARAM) Style of play. Some game rounds will also feature reverse drafting via Where teams will have to draft what heroes their opponents have to play!

Like always this event runs via the Discord Server ( and are friends but not the same group of people). Head over to the Discord Server anytime after 6pm AEDT .

What is your ID?
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What is your MMR? Please use the highest value between QM and HL.
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What time do you think you will be able to start playing?
End Note
Thank you for signing up to the community night games, please remember the event is based around playing with new people and having fun. Not everyone will be at the same skill level so please show some leadership in helping each other out... It will make Daddy Disconcur Proud.
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