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Podcast Review by Tony D’Urso
What does it take for you to have a world-class podcast?

If any one knows, it's Tony D'Urso, the #1 talk show host on VoiceAmerica with 13+ Million Listens (The Tony DUrso Show).

Tony is now offering a very limited, exclusive opportunity to review your podcast to grab the eyes and ears that you need to become world-class and get the recognition you deserve.

Did you know that 75% of podcasts don't make it past 7-10 episodes and give up because they get disheartened?

Did you know there is even a word in the dictionary for this? (Podfade).

Did you know about 85% of podcasters don't last into the 2nd year?

Meanwhile, other podcasters are making millions of dollars a year. - So what's the difference?

So often, podcasts are missing the foundational basics that can transform everything.

If you are committed to creating a long-term, profitable podcast this is your limited-time opportunity.

Fill in the form below and let Tony support you in making your podcast World-Class.

PS: There's a bonus below that will blow your mind.
"Tony's podcast review was excellent! He gave us the comprehensive guidance we needed to hook our listeners. His insights on style up-leveled the show way beyond what we expected. We are very grateful and highly recommend the Tony DUrso Podcast Review if you want to launch or upgrade your podcast!"- Estie Rand StrandConsulting
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"Tony DUrso did an amazing job in evaluating my podcast! He is right on point. Having a pro with Tony’s vast experience will take anyone’s podcast and turn that Chevy into a Rolls Royce! We discovered it’s really important to have a non-biased point of view. With Tony’s keen eye, I am on my way to the top thanks to him!"- Eli Marcus, "Mayor of Time Square"
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Note: We will cover How To Monetize Your Podcast separately through email support. There is a lot of ground to cover on that.
Tony consistently delivers a show that keeps listeners listening, and it shows in how his audience grows show after show. He's the Best of the Best. - Jeff Spenard, CEO VoiceAmerica
1. Do this and email
Set up your podcast station as if you are going to do a show right now. Then step back and give a horizontal picture with the microphone in the middle. We want to see several feet above, below and to each side of the microphone.
2. Do this and email
Stand further back and give a horizontal photo of your entire podcast station and room so that we can see what the full environment looks like.
Note: Tony may have more questions during his review and will email you if so.
The Podcast Review Cost is normally $2500. We will discount this to $1500 if you act soon.
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Bonus: Once you complete the review and implement ALL the steps needed to take your podcast up to World-Class level, we will send 5000 visitors to your podcasts. (At $1 per visitor, on many social media platforms such as Facebook, that's a $5000 Value. - Whatever the cost, it's usually quite expensive.) Tony will email full details at that time.
Fill out this form and Click submit.
We will respond with an invoice via PayPal. Once payment received, Tony will get started on your review. He will email you any questions. Usually he finishes the first part of the review in 1-2 weeks. Be patient. It is a lot of work and he covers a lot of detail.
Again, you get full email support with this service. We are there for you to help you grow. Together, we will ratchet your podcast up the World-Class Podcast Ladder.
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