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Sophie's Circle Adoption Form
Adoption Questionnaire: Please fill in and we will get back to you soon. Thank you!
Please note we do require all potential adopters current dogs be spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccines AND on heartworm prevention. We make very few exceptions for this rule. If your current dog is not altered, current on vaccines or on heartworm prevention please talk to your vet so they can explain the importance of all 3.

Please note: There are a lot of required fields. Please review the questions before starting the form. You may need to gather items like current vet contact information, landlord contact information, reference contact information, etc.
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First and Last Name *
Street Address *
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Home Phone *
Work Number *
Are you over the age of 21, living independently and self-supporting? *
If no please explain how you would care for a pet:
If you have marked own, will the home ownership be under your name? If not, why?
Please provide name and number under the landlord information section if you do not own the home.
How long have you lived here? *
If RENT, please fill in the Landlord information below.
If you rent and do not provide the landlords contact info your application will be considering incomplete and denied.
Do you OWN your home or RENT? *
If you mark own, we will verify. If you rent, we will contact the landlord so please check with them about breed restrictions before answering below. Not answering the below truthfully causes delays!
Landlord Name *
Landlord Phone Number *
Is there any breed restrictions? *
Is there a weight limit? If so, what is it? *
If yes is selected, please specify which breeds are restricted.
How many animals are allowed at the residence?
Personal References
Provide 3: Name, Phone Number, Relationship to You *
Name of employer? *
What is your occupation? *
Hours worked Daily / Weekly? *
How long have you worked there? *
Name of animal you wish to adopt? *
What experience do you have with this breed? *
What is your primary reason for adopting this animal? *
About Your Home and Family
How many adults in home? *
Ages of adults? *
How many children in home? *
Ages of children?
What is the activity level of your family? *
Is your yard completely fenced? *
If yes, then what type of fencing?
Number of children who visit? *
Ages of children who visit? *
Are all members of your household in agreement about adopting a dog? *
Is anyone in your household nervous or unsure around dogs? If so who? *
Describe your household activity/noise level. *
How often do you travel? How will you care for your dog when you are away from home? *
Current Pets
Please list your current pets below (INCLUDE: Name, Species/Breed, Age, Vaccinated, Heartworm/Flea Prevention with type, Spayed or Neutered and if not why?): *
Please provide all information listed. We do call and verify the information you have listed.
Veterinarian Name? *
If the name and number of your current vet is not provided your application will be considering incomplete and denied.
Veterinarian Phone Number: *
Who's name is on the account? *
What might a typical day look like for your pet? *
Tell us about your pets, including their name and Personality? Energy level? Submissive or Dominate? Socialized? Any issues with food and/or toys? Anything else we should know about your pet? *
Previous pet history: Name, Species/Breed, Owned how long, What happened to this pet, How long ago, Vet used. *
If you recently had a pet that passed please be sure to provide the vet you used.
Plans for Your New Pet
Dog: How much time do dogs spend outside alone? Cat: Will your cat ever go outside? *
How many hours per day do dogs spend alone? *
Where do dogs stay when you are not home? *
What is your feeding routine? *
If you move in the future what will you do with this dog/cat? *
Will you use a crate to confine this dog? If so when & why?
What kind of collar will you use?
Do you intend to (you can check more than one item):
What behaviors will be difficult for you to tolerate or manage? *
What qualities are you looking for in a companion animal? *
Dog: Do you plan to use a retractable leash? Please explain.
Other Important Questions
Do you understand that this pet may need patience and consistent training to learn housebreaking and how to behave inside a home (barking, chewing, jumping, scratching, litter box, etc.)? *
Do you understand this pet may be destructive while learning if not properly confined? Furniture, carpet, doors, and personal items may be destroyed. *
Do you understand and agree it is unsafe to leave your dog outside unattended or let a cat outside? *
Do you understand the importance of having an ID tag for your dog? *
Have you ever taken your personal pet to animal control, humane society, or shelter before? If so why? *
Have you ever had to give up a pet? If so, what were the circumstances? *
When it comes to relating to pets do you consider yourself: *
Are you familiar with crate training dogs? Are you familiar with introducing cats to a new house? *
If you currently have a dog, do you ever crate him/her?
What are the reasons for crating?
Have you ever used a pet behavior/trainer in the past? If yes, please explain why and the outcome. *
How do you plan on introducing/acclimating your current pets to your newly adopted pet? *
Are you willing to commit to caring for and loving this pet for its entire life regardless of training issues and life changes such as divorce, moving, having a baby, etc? *
Please share with us anything else you feel would be important for us to know: *
By filling in this application, I certify that: the information I have given is accurate. I understand that Sophie’s Circle has the right to deny any application. I give permission for a representative of Sophie’s Circle to call the references, landlord, and veterinary practice I have listed.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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