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Hello alumni, thank you for being part of the alumni outreach strategy!

ສຳລັບ ອາດີດນັກສຶກສາ Laos Australia National Scholarship ໃຫ້ຄລີກຕາມລິ້ງຕໍ່ໄປນີ້

We would like to welcome you to fill in your contact details to stay connected with us. The Australian Embassy and the Laos Australia Institute often provide opportunities for alumni to enhance bonds with Australia and Australians, enrich professional skills, and broaden interaction among our diverse groups.

With more than a thousand Australian alumni in Laos whom we are proud to engage, majority of them are successful business owners, entrepreneurs, high ranking government officials, senior consultants, social developers, etc. We recognise our fortune for having such an incredible crowd, therefore, we wish to promote and link new alumni to the group.  

Recently returned home AAS awardees in particular, we encourage you to join our networks and get to know our engagement activities. We really value our fresh graduates and want to help support you to succeed in starting your career. By taking a few minutes to complete this form, you will be in touch with our upcoming opportunities. Notwithstanding, it also enables us to notify you about executive programs designed for new alumni.

Private funded students who studied in Australia are also considered our alumni.

Current alumni who already shared contacts with us, we encourage you to update your information to allow our team to effectively reach out.

Stay connected with us through our media platforms below!

Lao Australian Alumni Club (Facebook group)

Australia in Laos (Facebook page)

LinkedIn @Australia-Global-Alumni

LANS Alumni (Facebook group) 

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