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SMS Student Survey
Grade Level
Would you like to have a spirit competition between grades in the building?
Would you wear red or gray every Friday to earn points toward a dance during the school day for the winning grade?
Would you wear red or gray every Friday to earn points toward using your phones for a week during lunch for the winning grade?
What type of activities would you like to see at school dances?
How could we improve "Spirit Week"?
Provide an idea for a theme day for Spirit Week.
Are you interested in sharing a personal story related to a Positivity Project character trait during morning meetings?
What would you prefer to do during inside recess?
Would you participate in a designated game (s) at recess such as kickball, volleyball, football, soccer if it were available?
What idea do you have for an organized game during outside recess?
Would you be willing to eat quicker and talk less in order to gain 5 more minutes of extra recess?
Would you be ok with your exploratory classes consisting of both 7th and 8th graders?
Would you like to choose your exploratory classes?
How many exploratory classes would you prefer to take over the course of the school year?
If you could only take 2 exploratory classes which 2 would you choose? (check only 2 boxes).
Would you prefer exploratory classes to be 1 per 9 weeks, 1 per semester (2 - nine weeks) or 2 classes occurring every other day all year long (Red/Gray)?
What club would you like add to Sheridan Middle School?
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