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Assignment - Stress
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Identify the stresses related to sports, school, and life that you currently experience- Having the ability to balance it all and knowing which one to prioritize at the time. Sometimes the one we want to focus most of our time to is the one that isn't always the best. *
Identify the three most stressful events you have experienced in athletics.- 1. The stress of playing and pressure to win because of winning from that team in the past. 2. Practicing my sport and having a lot of homework/tests in the same week. 3. seeing my friends that don't play a sport have so much more free time. *
What typically triggers stress for you during games or practices?- when there is conflict between the coach and me or myself and a teammate. or when I'm struggling with a certain stroke. *
Identify coaches who have made you want to elevate your game? What made you want to elevate your game?- Coaches that have made me want to go to the next level were ones that pushed me but also believed in me. showed support and encouragement when I was successful, but told me directly when there were things I needed to work on. *
Identify coaches who have been difficult to play for? What made them difficult to play for?- I had a coach that had favorites and would ignore other players. Those types of coaches make you feel unimportant to the club and don't motivate you. *
What other sports do you play and what positions did/do you play?- Just play tennis, singles and doubles. *
Write Down 20 Stressors and Rate them 0 to 100. (0=Inconvenience and 100=Life Threatening Problem). Mark whether or not you are doing Fight, Flight or Assertive with each stressor. *
List people that care about you. These are family, friends, teammates, coaches, and teachers. -my parents, my friends, my coaches, and my teachers. *
List 3 General Reasons why these people care about you.-1. They support me. 2. They ask me how I'm doing and genuinely care about my day. 3. They would do things for me that I didn't even ask for. *
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