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Registration for Alchemy Of The Seasons
So you've decided to Take The Plunge! Welcome to the Alchemy Of The Seasons's TrainStation. Here is where you sort your exchange for AOTS Courses, declare your needs, make your requests and Officially Signup for each Module.

Here on The Mountain of Nemeton we Walk with The Seasons, on the Teaching side we take a yearly ride around the "Alchemy of the Seasons Calendar". Where each Season is dedicated to a topic that is appropriate for internal and external growth. YOU get to choose how long you ride The Train for! You can sign up for a single course (be mindful- some are multi parts - meaning they stretch over a couple few months.) Or choose to stay on the course ride for as long as you want.

When you take courses with us, you'll need a good internet connection, a working internet-able device that can run Zoom Video Conference, Discord & Google Drive/Docs/Slides.

Once you submit your registration, go check your email and follow the directions in the Welcome letter ASAP!!!
***THIS STEP MUST BE DONE TO GAIN ACCESS TO THE COURSE*** If you didn't get the letter, be sure to check your spam or junk folder in your email.

Once you arrive in Discord (the invite is in the email you receive after you register) you will then be added to the 3 Private course Channels the Monday before the Course Starts! Those channels are
A) the link to the class zoom room for our live session (6:30pm)
B) the Files channel where Notes, Slides & Audio Recordings are stored.
C) our Class Chat Room that is specific for that Course/Module.

*Please Share & use the Email Address that you want to be associated with your Discord Account.

Deep Love & Appreciation from The Mountain.
Raine (MWM)
Email *
Full Name & if you have a pronoun preference: (first and last name please) *
Date of Birth, Location of Birth & Time of Birth (This is necessary for InnerCartography work (Human Design & Gene Keys)
Select which Courses you would like to register for. *
Lets Talk Exchange.
In my World, I am constantly seeking Win/Win/Win Dynamics. (Meaning: A "Win" for You, a "Win" for me & a "Win" for something that serves Community/Something Greater then Ourselves). One of the ways we get to do that, is with our Exchange for Courses. "Paying" is a form Exchange.

Nothing happens in Life without an Exchange. it's a part of all the Realms - from plants Exchanging Oxygen & Carbon - which in turn feeds us. To Animals Needing to Eat & also Excreting Fertilizer (Which we use to grow more food for Them & Us.

Everywhere you look Nature is making Exchanges.

So with that premise in mind, lets talk MWM Exchanges.

If $$Money is part of Your Abundance, please opt for that means.
(This helps keep the Lights on at The Mountain as 100% of proceeds supports Nemeton: A Human Earth Santuary & Learning Community; A NY Non Profit).

Times are also tough for Many. In reference to the Above Understandings, Money, Supplies, Time, Resources, Connections, Knowledge - all become potential viable options. In attempt to serve as many as possible, I have presented a variety of ways in which you could make your Exchange(s).

Please answer honestly and in as full a detail as you can so we can find the best Win(s) all around! (The little Red * means that question requires an answer to submit the form - if you have questions, just note them in open sharing question) 🐾❤️🐾
Exchange Options (Please pick one and/or explain below) *
Any Notes from your choices above, Comments, Questions or notes of excitement can go here! (I personally read them all)
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