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Looking forward to getting to know you and your real estate needs better. Thank you for completing this form!
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If you're moving out of your current area, do you have a REALTOR helping you? 
When would you like to ideally make your move happen (ie: date and/or time-frame)? How would your plans be affected if you moved earlier? Later?
Is there a precipitating event or major reason behind your decision to move now?
Now for the FUN stuff! If staying local and/or looking to buy a new home ... what are some important things you're looking for in your next home? Location, size, beds/baths, budget, etc. Also, please tell us if you'd possibly be interested in new construction homes as well.
If you're buying, have you seen any listings online that you really like? Please feel free to list any links below.
Will anyone else be involved in your decision to sell and/or purchase?
Do you have any pets that we should keep in mind as we are searching for and/or possibly listing your home?
Please tell us the Grand Allure Home Group Advisor you're working with? (Brooke Sines, Sharon Harig, Robin Decker, Adam Sims, and/or Paul Aldrich).  *
Do you have any other lingering questions we can answer for you? Is there anything else you would like us to know thus far?
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