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Innovation Grants 2020
Welcome! Got an idea for an Innovation Project for Nowhere 2020? You are in the right place, fill in this short form to tell us a little bit about your idea. We'll check if it's suitable for an Innovation Grant!

What are innovation grants for?
Innovation grants aim at helping projects that:
- make the event better for its participants (new infrastrcture ideas, solutions to common problems, etc.)
- make setting up and taking down the event easier, cheaper and/or faster
- make Nowhere more sustainable (regarding its energy consumption, waste and grey water management, purchases, etc.)
- come up with any other ideas that are novel and overall improve Nowhere for everyone (volunteers and participants alike)
- teach new skills to Nowhere participants.

Deadlines for grant applications:
1st round: 6th May 2020
2nd round (if the budget is not fully spent already on the first round): 1st June 2020

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