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Craft Theory Application Form
Filling in this application does not automatically get you into the server... you need to join our discord chat (link on homepage) and get to know our members.
How old are you? *
Where do you live and what timezone are you in? *
How many hours per week can you play? *
Understand our basic rules? Stay Vanilla, No Cheating, No Plugins, No Griefing, No Stealing, Don't be a jerk. *
(Think HermitCraft / Mindcrack - we don't want Drama)
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Minecraft Name (Must have a legal version of the game) *
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If you have not joined yet please do so before submitting your application (
Tell us a bit about yourself and why you would be a good fit. We are selective about who joins so please do not give a 3 word answer. *
How did you find us?
Did a member refer you? Seen a video? Reddit?
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