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iFC 2019 Talent Show
Show us what you've got! Video entries are also welcome! Fill in the below information to enter!

The show will take place at a time to be announced later. There will be a mandatory rehearsal where your act will be required to check in and do a sound check/run through of your act.

What is your REAL NAME? *
Not your furry name. We'll get to that in a bit!
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What is a phone number we can contact you at? *
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Have you participated in the iFC Talent Show in a previous year? *
Does your entry require any audio or video? *
We will reach out to you to co-ordinate audiovisual requirements. Please be prepared with your final media a minimum of 3 days in advance of the convention. Last minute entries will be be accepted at the convention's discretion ONLY.
How much time do you expect your entry to use? *
Please give us as accurate an estimate as possible. Maximum time is 3 minutes, but we may make exceptions if absolutely required.
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Are you entering a performance act or video? *
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