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Mutant Vehicle Registration
Driving is a privilege, not a right. As such art car owners wishing to drive their vehicles during Apogaea must to register for driving privileges by May 31st. Registration does not guarantee driving privileges. By default, art car owners choosing not to complete this process or who are not approved for driving privileges agree to leave their vehicle parked as static art during the event.

Please complete the following:

1) List the driver(s) who will be operating your art car, and the camp they are associated with. All drivers must have their valid driver's license available on-site at the event. *
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2) Does your art car have flame effects? *
3) Please list the dimensions of your art car(height, width, and length): *
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4) What is the base vehicle for your art car? (golf cart/car/etc.) *
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5) Please describe your art car and what it does/your intentions for it. *
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I have read and understand the Rules of Vehicle Operation and recognize that consequences of failing to follow the Rules of Vehicle Operation will result is immediate loss of driving privileges. Should an Event Lead, ASS or board member revoke my driving privileges for any reason I agree to immediately surrender my keys for the remainder of the event. (Print your name below as your signature) *
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