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Students Camera Action Release Form
Thank you for your interest in Students Camera Action (SCA for short). This is a location for you to submit your "Release Form" found in our Guidelines and Website. The release form in NOT a legal document, however it is an opportunity for all students who appear in our episodes to have expressed permission from their families or guardians before we show their faces or identities on YouTube.

Because our project is global in nature, we want to ensure that all students are safe and have the appropriate permissions before appearing in our public episodes. By "public" we mean that our videos are available to anyone on YouTube and they are searchable.

In all of our episodes, we disable "comments". As a result, if a stranger outside of one of our schools were to come across one our videos, the most that he or she would be able to do is watch or share a link to one of our episodes.

If the above information is acceptable to students and families, great! Please show you agree below! Otherwise, you can stop here and simply watch our episodes as a viewer! Thank you!
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