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RDMC Dealers Den Application
Do you plan on attending RDMC this year?
Are you a dealer or an artist?

If you answered yes to both of those questions then you are in the right spot. RDMC is proud to continue offering free tables to those dealers who wish to put in the effort to bring there special talents to our convention. Space as always, is limited. But we are happy to announce that we will have a LOT more space then last year.

Dealers Den:
This year we will have a dedicated dealers den located in its own room just outside the main social room right in the middle of the action. The den will have defined operating hours which will allow you time to setup, tear down and enjoy the convention when your not working.

Hours: TBD

Artist Ally:
Our Artist Ally this year will once again be located in the main hang out area of the event. Like last year, if you prefer to be situated among the action then this is the space for you. This space is a multi purpose space that hosts several other festivities such as the cash bar, Jackbox games, board games and general hang out space. Here you will be able to setup and vend throughout the night and work at your own pace until the closing of the room late into the night.

Because space is limited and complimentary we ask that you fill out this form and then preregister for the convention to secure your spot in ether the dealers den or the artist ally. You will get a confirmation email that your spot has been approved.

There will be complimentary power available in both the dealers den and artist ally. Please bring your own extension cords and power bars as you need.

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